Traffic and Transportation

Key Issues

Traffic and Transportation

For too long, the traffic congestion on Highway 29 has made the morning and evening commutes a nightmare for local residents and Napa County’s workforce. The 45-minute, 5-mile drive Mariam took from her home in American Canyon to her office on North Kelly Road spurred her to take action on this issue as a member of the City Council. Mariam has collaborated with regional transportation partners and state representatives to secure funding for our major thoroughfare while supporting capital improvement projects, partnerships with large employers to incentivize carpooling and staggered working hours, and other out-of-the-box solutions to address congestion. Once re-elected, she will continue taking the lead to make traffic relief a top priority in Napa County. 


As a member of the City Council, Mariam has made strides to make housing creation within infill areas and housing affordability focal points as American Canyon grows and evolves. During her last term on the Council, dozens of new affordable unites for seniors and veterans opened up in American Canyon, and Mariam has been exploring innovative solutions to housing for young people, families, and seniors in need. When re-elected, Mariam will continue to collaborate with the County of Napa to advance housing solutions. 

Economic Development

It is imperative for county leaders to bring higher-paying jobs to Napa County so residents can afford to work where they live, thus helping to relieve traffic congestion. While on the City Council, Mariam significantly advanced the Watson Ranch downtown development project, a reflection of her commitment to economic progress by helping successful small businesses create and support good-paying jobs. She has earned the support of  local businesses and trades groups who recognize Mariam will be the leader we need to advance economic development opportunities, while balancing the need to grow sustainably and focus economic opportunity that fulfills unmet needs for local residents.

Climate Change

This year, it has become more evident than ever that climate is real. We need to make change immediately in order to ensure a brighter future for generations to come. As a Council Member, Mariam is working on just that. The City of American Canyon recently completed an audit of all City facilities in order to determine where solar power would be appropriate. We are currently in construction of solar panels and battery back-ups, better known as the "Engie Project." Furthermore, at the August 18, 2020 Council Meeting, Staff was instructed to begin researching the feasibility of all electric reach codes, zero waste food composting, replacement of traditional leaf blowers with electric leaf blowers, and tree replanting. Mariam is, and always has been, an advocate for our environment. 

Public Health

We are in the midst of a public health pandemic. As such, Mariam has been engaged in outreach and education surrounding COVID-19 in order to ensure health and safety for all resident of American Canyon. She has also been advocating for increased in COVID-19 testing capacity. But it should not take a pandemic for public health to become a priority. For years, Mariam has been advocating for the City to incorporate preventative health measures, such as healthy cooking and exercise, in our parks and recreation programming. When re-elected, Mariam will continue making sure that the health of our community is a top priority. 

Economic Recovery

The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it much uncertainty and economic instability. The City of American Canyon was forced to cut roughly $4.5 million dollars from the budget and, luckily, it was done so without laying off employees.

We need a plan to get our economy back to "normal" once this pandemic is over. Mariam believes that in order to make this happen, we need to ensure the health and safety of our residents first. That's why Mariam has been advocating for more COVID-19 testing capacity and a shorter turn around time for the results. She has also been engaged in outreach and education for our minority communities regarding COVID-19, in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Second, we need to invest in our local businesses. The time is now for us to come together, as a community, and shop local first. Our local businesses have been struggling to stay afloat and we all want to see them on the other side of this pandemic.

Third, we must work harder on attracting businesses that pay their employees higher wages so that our residents have more money to invest into our economy. Through the City of American Canyon's Economic Development Committee and the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce's Economic Development Committee, Mariam has been working with businesses, community leaders, and American Canyon residents to do just that. She has taken the lead on re-activating the City's Economic Development Committee, she has solicited input from community members regarding what businesses they would like to see in our City, and she regularly meets with developers and business owners to relay that information and work with them to attract such businesses. 

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